What is Social Change Diva and who is in charge?

About SocialChange Diva

She is a motto.  She is a prototype.  She is a vision.   She is a company.  She is a community.  She  is about leadership.  She nudges  me and you ( on a daily basis) to:


I write mainly about the topic of leadership (big word with lots of meanings). My own bent is on ” leadership of self  ” or “ personal leadership” , the first step in becoming a leader.  Some of the things that I will write about :

As I grow my business ( I will be available to work with the world on September 1), my exploits as an entrepreneur will also be chronicled here as well.

My writing and my work and my business will also ways be a mixture of teaching, reflection — sometimes in the form of opinions, observations or just levity.  I love building relationships for myself and others . Thus, I am active on the “social media” aka world wide web aka information highway of life but also enjoy “ real life “ interactions.

Welcome! I hope that we can learn and grow.

Yours in learning and leadership.

About the Principal Diva- Ericka Hines

Who I am brought by the letter ” L” and the number ” 5″


  • Born and raised in Dayton Ohio.
  • Only child to a single mother
  • Child of the 70’s and 80’s. Turning 40 in 2010 ( FEARLESS FORTIES is the motto of the year)
  • Resident of Washington DC since 1996.
  • A lover of all things Diva for over 10 years. It started with hotmail and grew from there.


  • Went to boarding school for high school. (No, its not like “ Facts of Life” and I am not “ Tootie”)
  • Took a traditional approach to studying power and leadership. Got my B.A. In Political Science and a Juris Doctor ( JD) in Law.
  • Dedicated professional learning and personal mastery to leadership, training and development  and facilitating change.
  • A student of yoga ( mind and spirit) for 9 years.
  • Admirer of Peter Senge and ” the learning organization”.


  • Wanted to be 1st woman President of the United States at  age  7 , fell into leadership roles in junior high, high school ( choir and academic geek)
  • Served on boards of organizations ( LISTEN Inc) and organizing committees ( TedXPotomac).
  • Lead project teams as small at 2 and as large as 35 to produce annual gatherings for leaders in government, grassroots, legal and corporate sector
  • Founder of SocialChange Diva , a  leadership development firm that will work with leaders in the public sector.  Emerging thought leader in the areas of ” leadership of self” and  ” socialchange leadership)
  • Named as one of 32 ” bloggers of color” and  ” 50 Young Non Profit Influences to be followed on Twitter” by Ms. Rosetta Thurman, nationally recognized leadership expert.

List of Professional Experience:

  • Worked with leaders at the local, state, national and international levels to build their individual capacity to lead and their collective capacity to create change.
  • Designed  leadership curriculum that integrate mission based work with leadership development and social change that has been used to train over 750 professionals.
  • Facilitated strategy sessions, planning retreats, and brainstorming jams for small and large groups
  • Taught, lectured, spoken on subjects of leadership mindsets, personal leadership and adult learning.
  • Coached groups and individuals to articulate, hone and strengthen their leadership capacity and skills

Loves :

  • French Fries
  • Babies ( they are infinite possibility)
  • Wide Open Spaces ( both the beach and the mountains appeal to me)
  • Yoga
  • Infinite Growth of people  ( in  mind, body, spirit, ability and capacity)

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  1. Sally Carlson January 14, 2010 at 4:02 pm #

    Just found out about your blog – and I love it!

  2. lana ward February 20, 2010 at 12:19 pm #

    very proud of you. very powerfully written.continued success in your endeavors…

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