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10 ways to know you are a SocialChange Diva

7 Aug

I . AM. A. DIVA.

I am saying it.  I mean it.  I declare it daily.  Hell, its the name of my business.  When I give people my business card, they say: I love the name. Thanks, so do I.

When I use the term SocialChange Diva, the connection between my brain, my heart and my gut all click in unison.  People who know me  aren’t surprised that  “DIVA” is a part of the name.  It makes my soul jump up and down when they tell me that because:

I am on a mission to ignite and energize the  confidence of women to step into their leadership.

I have felt some pressure to define  and  give examples of what the  phrase SocialChange Diva means.  My early thoughts were to:

  • Wax theoretical about the definition of  DIVA which has its roots in opera.
  • Show you examples of people who I think are Socialchange Divas  in history and today.
  • Share my own stories of  life as a diva since the age of  5  when I knew I had to stand up for what I believed in.  ( Some of my causes such as- how to pronounce the word ” THE”  and what song I should play for my viola audition in 6th grade- were less social change oriented than others.  I blame Diana Ross.)

I rejected all of the ideas that I  just listed  because I don’t want to show you who is and isn’t a Diva or give you the origins of the word.  I like teaching and guiding  people to find their own  definitions and solutions.

However, since I have linked the words Social Change + Diva together I know I owe you the foundation of this new term.  So, here it goes:

10 Beliefs of Social Change Divas

1.  You know that the word DIVA is not a bad word.

2. You can lead AND you can follow.

3. You have strong opinions, take bold actions, and dream big.

4.  You can be  both proud and humble about who you are and what you bring to the table.

5. You can name other Divas that you admire.

6.  You routinely use the word ” rockstar” to describe yourself and others (and you mean it).

7. You are willing to look  fear in the face and do it anyways.

8.   You care about yourself and others equally, fiercely and compassionately.

9.  You believe in leaving everyone and everything better than you found it.

10.  You read. You think. You know.

So, are you Diva?  Its okay to whisper or to shout.   My challenge to you is to just believe it even when its scary or exciting to do so.

Yours in social change,


p.s. Males, you can be social change DIVOs.  Be proud.

pps.  What beliefs did I miss?