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Mentoring is meaningless

17 Jun

I think it is meaningless and have had this opinion for several years.   But my opinion is NOT  based on a “inaccurate” belief  that  my professional successes  have been based solely on my work.  I know that my career and leadership have  benefited from the input, advice and tough love of others.    I think its meaningless because I don’t understand:

What does “mentoring”  mean?

The word is meaningless  because similar to  leadership it gets used so often and can mean so many different things.  Additionally , it suffers from having  8 million definitions(Okay: that number may be a little inflated.)

The definition that resonates with me is ” someone who gives a sense of perspective and history, offers advice and shares contact or influence.” ~Working Across Generations – Kunreuther, Kim, Rodriguez

It is simple and hits  upon all of the major points that I think mentoring relationships( either as the mentor or the mentee) should encompass.  But it is still too broad.  I think to truly benefit from a mentoring relationship, you have to be strategic and give thought to what type of input you want and from whom.  This brings me to my second question: Continue reading